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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Upcycling Plastic Bottles.

Great ideas found here :Under the Table and Dreaming for leftover plastic bottles. I am planning on doing the bracelet ones. It may be awhile, but hopefully have pictures if they turn out descent on here. I also love the gift ideas dome and may do that- perhaps today for my son's birthday.I am making mini grasshopper pies and this would be cute.

On the 4th we did this one:

Bubble snakes

This also featured on the link above. The items need to do this are:

Sock with no mate, scissors, bubble -or make your own- rubber band, empty plastic thin bottle and if you want coloring: food colors of choice.
    1. Cut sock to slip on sleeve.
    2. Cut off bottom of bottle (parent's job?)
    3. Fit sleeve from sock on bottle covering end with it to make bubbles come out of it.
    4. In small shallow bowls: (not shown ) put layer of bubbles and mix in coloring to your tastes. 
    5. Wrap rubber band on sock to hold it on bottle on shaft of it. 
    6.  Outside and dip bottom in bubble mixture. blow and have fun.

      Of course you can do inside at your discretion. My kid's loved this one.

bottle bottoms of course leftover.

We had leftover bottoms form this project. I am saving these and will add more to make a different type of chandelier than shown on link at the start of this post. I do not have room for a large on like this so will tone down.(takes a lot of bottles also) If you have the bottles and the room or for someone as a gift with a mansion. it is pretty neat. I may color the bottle bottoms also and make it more as a sun catcher. Maybe?

So now you have a great craft link and more of what we did this 4th. next time more 4th things we did and kid's fun.

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