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Monday, October 22, 2012

Can do- Furniture ideas. Which to do?

I have about 3 places I have need of furniture. I have several simple ideas on Pinterest I could do to work in these spots. It is hard to decide which to do. I hate to actually undertake a project and waste time or materials. Even though the schemes here appear so simple and inexpensive, I believe I could work them, My brain will not do too time consuming plans or intricate instructions.  I need a kitchen piece of small size, and end table and a bathroom piece. Some ideas:

I saw these windows the other day at a thrift shop. Also Habitat thrift stores have all this stuff for cheap. I just have never put together anything like this ever before. So beautiful.

Many made of cardboard ideas. Very cheap, but will it hold up to my families bumpiness.

I have the doors and could easily acquire the legs, but probably longer than I have space for, but love it. I always hate the loose doors lying around. I could at least put this outside. I have an exceptional park like yard, but no good porch or patio area though.

Rolled paper. I save a lot of paper, but may not have enough. Also will it be stable for nightstand with hubby?
For sites these came from go to:

Crafting: Furniture

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rhyming with Hair.

Fine Hair
Long Hair

Red Hair
Calm Hair

Pink Hair

Cool Hair

Fair Hair

Blue Hair



And In between.
Beautiful hair one of my favorite things.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Blue Ribbon Fair: Freebie and coupons-site

Blue Ribbon Fair: Freebie and coupons-site: Today while looking at pins of blog sites, I found a great site which led to me already getting to free songs from amazon. A lot of great st...

Creativity in saving money site shared.

Purses of Kolor.

There must be purses like this in our budgets. Just slightly tweaked.

A favorite saying of mine is: I can dream can I not?
Too pretty to do nothing but sit on the shelf.
Looks like there is too much beauty to explore on here.
These are just one type of many really colorful purses on this site.
For Autumn

Have been finding beautiful purses in multitudes of color on the internet. These run about $2,000.00. I am in love with these colored hand bags. Would like one of each.Unfortunately these are not "my budget" friendly priced so I am hoping to find some more in my price range. But to splurge, how lovely of a line in bright colors. The bottom one is more purple than any in the line of the prior ones I added .

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Makeover Washer and dryer.

From drab white and puke yellow to blue and gold.

I always wanted those machines you see in the catalog, but having not the means and more priorities to swing it was not an option.

Along came Pinterest and someone bold enough to repaint her drab washer and drier. So I pinned her blog article on it. She used a brush. since I since my nick name could be "Updo quickly even if it is not perfection since it is you that must live with it." I had blue high end spray paint, so instead of brush painting, I cheaply painted white paint (for base) then did the drier one layer at a time and let dry between by a couple days. I was out ,of the blue can by then, so when I was at Walmart I tried to get some more blue of the same cast, but Murphy's Law-" None of that color there." So as my nickname, mentioned above- I had to improvise- I chose 3 cans I thought would magnify and compliment the blue. At home I decided on gold since it was metal paint also.It did only take 2 coats without a primer.

No they aren't perfect, but I am in love with the color and makes me happy to do the wash. My oldest daughter also is impressed. What a simple way to polish your laundry with a new updated look. Yes, I wanted a matching blue set, but my forte is improvising.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Leave the house take the Pool.

I am not into modern homes. I like old vintage homes.I would take on though if it was given to me. I have to admit some modern homes architecture is fascinating. And gotta love the pools. How about they get the house and I get the pool.