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Monday, October 22, 2012

Can do- Furniture ideas. Which to do?

I have about 3 places I have need of furniture. I have several simple ideas on Pinterest I could do to work in these spots. It is hard to decide which to do. I hate to actually undertake a project and waste time or materials. Even though the schemes here appear so simple and inexpensive, I believe I could work them, My brain will not do too time consuming plans or intricate instructions.  I need a kitchen piece of small size, and end table and a bathroom piece. Some ideas:

I saw these windows the other day at a thrift shop. Also Habitat thrift stores have all this stuff for cheap. I just have never put together anything like this ever before. So beautiful.

Many made of cardboard ideas. Very cheap, but will it hold up to my families bumpiness.

I have the doors and could easily acquire the legs, but probably longer than I have space for, but love it. I always hate the loose doors lying around. I could at least put this outside. I have an exceptional park like yard, but no good porch or patio area though.

Rolled paper. I save a lot of paper, but may not have enough. Also will it be stable for nightstand with hubby?
For sites these came from go to:

Crafting: Furniture

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